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Does Science and Spirit say the same thing? Why are we here as Humans? What is the purpose of our lives?. Such questions have always dazzled many scholars and philosophers who attribute their own way of reasoning to answer. The concept of dualism has always advocated the religious myths of the Church and the logical realism of Science. The Church propagates what is unseen and science accepts what is seen and realized. Though what is unseen was considered holy it comprises of merely fantasy. Since the scientists weren’t able to accept the fantasy themes of the Church they were condemned to hell. Mysteriously or scientifically we are all connected with the universe. Though humans are required to rediscover their true nature, it is quite necessary to check the craziness of such ideas at crazy stages. The experimental methods employed in Physics create an apparent rift between science and the church. The book of genesis which is considered to be the scholarly approach of the church  to learn about the beginnings of the earth connect all universal beings at large. Science creates history with which we live. We, humans were considered to be the lonely mistake in the lonely planet in a lonely universe in the past. Now we are all considered to be as one single whole family. This documentary mainly aims to make us realize the true nature of the human race.

Consciousness is real and creates an impact. However the mind works, it affects our perception and feeling. There is more to the world than what we experience. Our eyes are similar to that of a camcorder and the brain is the editor’s table which processes and reorders all information captured by the eye. Without these two organs we are literally paralyzed to collect information. Our eyes never deceive us. In this documentary a lady by the name of Amanda  is constantly  disturbed by a imaginary illusion or dream scene  where she is attacked by a tribal man.  When she tries to explain this to her friend, her friend remarks that this could be suggesting or revealing details of her previous birth.

 This mainly raises the question of why philosophers consider destructuralization of our lives in terms of Classical mechanics as a distinct field of research. The world is not a Clock work thing and our behavior affects not only us but the entire globe ( Big energy in small spaces of time ). The study of quantum physics is acutely paradoxical and thus considered to be a mysterious discipline of study. The research findings of quantum mechanics suggest that everything existing in this world is interconnected. Everything active in this world is in supervision. The display of information and potentiality of electrons suggests what is the field of information that super strengths one.  This is visually described in the basket ball incident with Amanda and a boy who prompts Amanda to join him at the court and persuades her to throw the ball into the basket.  Though initially she doesn’t express her interest to participate, she finally does score a goal at the court.  This incident advocates not only one property but the core property of quantum mechanics. It suggests that the world is filled with never ending possibilities. The atoms are considered to be the fabric of the universe and the constituent element of quantum mechanics. One can assume that the universe is a flat conscience that controls even the fractional movement of the hand and its ground of existence cannot be seen. It is a unified field comprising of pure abstract feel of consciousness.  Such ideas, concepts and contraventions make things and this is tangled in Physics or as in relativity. It suggests that the head is moving faster than feet and that time reverses symmetry. Thus the future can have a cause and effect on the present.

The documentary then shows the double slit experiment with marbles and waves. The result of the experiment shows that when one wave confronts with another it cancels out and creates an interference pattern.

“Treat all of us as observers”- : There exists two separate laws on the evolution of the physical system. We think in tons of possibilities but see only one in real time or reality. This idea is suggested by the visuals wherein Amanda searches for the ball in the basket ball court. The visuals are so effective and display lots of virtual existing basket balls in the background but Amanda with conviction picks up the right spot where the ball is situated.  The World is the source of reality but we determine it based on how far we traverse down the ramp. A reality is entangled and space just gives us the illusion that they are separate by nature. Super position is a form of pre detection and suggests that objects can be in 3000 positions but can posses only one way function. This concept is so mysterious that one can never understand why they are inseparable and interdependent, and thus cannot pull one way from the other.

Intentions are always in unison with what we are capable of generating.  The random generator experiment testifies the same concept. Every action of us affects reality. Water is considered to be the most responsive element of nature. The water drops experiment shows how water responds to our emotions. The images of “ Chi of Love”, “ Thank you” shown in the documentary report to peace and agreement.  Our thought and intent is thus considered to be the driving force.

“ What we observe is what that comes back to us” -:  Since 90 % of our body  comprises of water , thoughts when added to it changes its representation.  Mind in the superficial level can cause great phenomena to occur. This is mainly because even though each element is assumed to be different, they are complimentary in existence.

The fundamental truth of reality according to quantum mechanics theory was despised by Einstein. This theory accounts the universe as the ultimate school of learning and emphasizes our association with people, place and things. The concept of relative to addiction is the hypnotist effect created by the Media , Television and cinema. Very few people realize this belief as many aren’t exposed to it. If one changes his mind he changes his beliefs. If he changes he beliefs he changes his life. This corresponds to the drive in his ambitious thoughts. The society creates adversity in our lives. The Almighty within us is the ultimate realization of the self.  All people are divine people. One is reminded of the famous quote in this regard by Swami Vivekananda which says “Each soul is potentially divine”. 

We are gifted with tremendous amount of plasticity in our nervous system. The Human experience is a part of the universal experience. A connection definitely thus exists in each and every activity occurring in this world. We all create future and what is outside us. We therefore need to do the things which are best for our own welfare. These statements conclude on a note that Science and consciousness share a strong nexus in terms of activity and operation. Thus reemphasizing that the knowledge and fear of the unknown is what that thrills us the most.


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  1. Good attempt! I would like to add something to it, which we all often recite but not aware about!
    Sahanaa vavathu...........
    Om ! May He protect us both together; may He nourish us both together;
    May we work conjointly with great energy,
    May our study be vigorous and effective;
    May we not mutually dispute (or may we not hate any).
    Om ! Let there be Peace in me !
    Let there be Peace in my environment !
    Let there be Peace in the forces that act on me !