Friday, November 16, 2012

A Poet's Homage to his Inspirational Beauty - By MSGV

A Poet's Homage to his Inspirational Beauty - By MSGV

A poet's inspiration rejuvenates and revolves around his beloved beauty
Many inspiring personalities do influence a poet's fantasy, but only one stumps him totally with fidelity
The love for his inspirational beauty provides the impetus for his creativity
Life is certainly a mystery with the poet's penchant to make her praise worthy.

The Golden sight of her is the guiding light of the poet's immeasurable visionary
The subtle movements of her rosy cheeks enthrall him like a musical harmony
If literature mirrors life, she mirrors the poet's powerful emotions expressed in serenity

Life is an enchanted misery, but she still inspires him to express with his flowery vocabulary
A poet never flatters his beauty, but unconditionally accepts her whole- heartedly.
Even if she feels it as absurdity and mediocrity, the poet feels he is blessed by the Almighty to showcase her for eternity.

The poet's beauty may become another man's property, but still continues to be a bed of roses that encompasses his poetry.
Even if life turns topsy-turvy, the precious moments with her are preserved for posterity
The poet's homage for his beauty will continue to flourish as blissful evergreen memories cherished by him for chastity


  1. Wah Wah!!!
    Nothing has ever sounded more sweet to the ears,
    So much so that it moved me to tears!
    I want you to know amidst all your cheers, that
    I wouldn't be reading any other poetry for years!!!

    1. Thank you so much my beloved reader. Indeed I am humbled by your kind words.