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The Hindu Concert Review Dated 18-11-2015 of Maharajapuram S. Srinivasan's SICA Hydebad Concert

The Hindu Concert Review Dated 18-11-2015 of Maharajapuram S. Srinivasan's SICA Hydebad Concert 

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Published: November 19, 2015 13:13 IST | Updated: November 19, 2015 21:09 IST

Maharajapuram Srinivasan’s masterly rendition

The singer’s rendition was reminiscent of his illustrious father and grandfather’s concerts.

Srinivasan, son of the late Maharajapuram Santhanam and grandson of the legendary Viswanatha Iyer has imbibed the best from both his grandfather and father. Srinivasan is known for his melody filled renditions with right expression of sahitya and he proved that at a concert he gave as part of the annual festival of South Indian Cultural Association (SICA). On this occasion he was accompanied by M.A. Sundaresan on violin, Ananthakrishnan on mridangam and Nemani Somayajulu on ghatam. His son Ganesh Viswanathan was also seen by his side providing vocal support.

Srinivasan opened his concert with Neranammithi in Kanada of Ramnadhapuram Srinivasa Iyengar (poochi) and followed it with Mahaganapathim in Nata of Dikshitar that he rendered, couching it in bhakti. The swarakalpana tallied with the tempo of the kirtana rendition. After the rendition of Swaminadhena of Dikshitar in Brindavanasaranga and Neebhajanagana Rasikula in Nayaki he chose to present Pancharatna kirtana of Thyagaraja Dudukugala Nanne Dora in Gowla that gave good opportunity to Srinivasan to bring out the beauty of sahitya.

Later Srinivasan rendered Narayana in Sudha Dhanyasi of Purandara Dasa and Bhuvaneswariya nene in Mohanakalyani of Muthiah Bhagavatar and a Tamil composition in Kiravani with ragalapana and swarakalpana, before he took main number of the concert Sivakameswareem Chintayeham in Kalyani of Dikshitar. The raga was subtly handled with intermittent flashy images building vivid picture of the raga. The kirtana rendition was full of bhakti bhava in expression. The swarakalpana built in flashes of phrases carried the melodic appeal of the raga and ended with tempo. The contribution of the violinist in his responses to ragas and swaras, complementary in nature, gave a sumptuous feel of melody. The tani avartanam was well built and well carried by percussionists Ananthakrishnan and Somayajulu.

Srinivasan concluded his concert with Purandara Dasa number Govinda Ninna Namame Chanda.



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